If working out at home isn't your jam and you prefer the accountability and community of in person classes, we've got you covered. We have been working hands on with women & mothers for several years and know there is nothing quite like the energy generated from being in the company of other like minded people. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, have older kids, or are just looking to become stronger as a mother, we have you covered! Keep reading to view our in-person offerings & schedule.

Your path to becoming stronger as a mother starts here.



No matter where you are in life or in your fitness journey, in your first class we take a deep dive into the fundamentals that LUNA Mother Co is built upon, which will change not only your relationship with your body, but also the way you move for life, not to mention optimize your workouts, too!

Young Mothers Staying Fit

Train with someone who understands your unique needs first hand, and has the right experience to support you. 

We offer in person classes in the form of small group training pods. Each pod runs for 8 weeks and consists of 8-10 people. During the 8 weeks you will also receive unlimited access to LUNA's online platform & mobile app! You'll be with the same group of people for the entire 8 weeks. This gives everyone a chance to get to know one another, hold each other accountable, and create a true sense of community. Choose from 1 or 2 in person classes/week.


Build your community while learning how to connect to and strengthen your core as your belly grows, train for birth, help prevent low back pain, pelvic pain, & Diastasis Recti, and heal faster postpartum. Our prenatal fitness classes are created by pre/postnatal fitness experts, backed by evidence, and recommended by OBGYNs, physical therapists, midwives, & doulas.


Heal and strengthen core & pelvic floor post-birth (no matter how old your kids are), learn to manage pelvic organ prolapse, build a foundation of strength, and start to challenge yourself in new (and safe) ways. pre-crawling babies are always welcome! Our postnatal fitness classes are created by pre/postnatal fitness experts, backed by evidence, and recommended by OBGYNs, physical therapists, midwives, & doulas.


Do you have kids in elementary school middle school, or even high school? Are you ready to up level your fitness game and become stronger than ever? Then this is the pod for you! You will not only learn to connect to and strengthen your deep core like you've never been taught before, but you will learn to apply these techniques to how you move in your workouts and in your daily life. We'll focus on strength training, cardio & metabolic training, endurance, and most of all... its FUN!

Options & Pricing

Our current pods are in session and are full. The next round of pods will begin the week of September 12th. Class days/ times TBD. Please email to inquire and be added to the waitlist!


8 WEEK POD : 1 CLASS / WEEK - $175

8 WEEK POD : 2 CLASSES / WEEK - $350

*Please note that the initial assessment is not included in package pricing.