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5 Tips For A Stronger Core

In this guide you'll learn fundamental information and tools to help you build a strong, optimally functioning pelvic floor and core, plus tips to both help prevent and heal from pelvic floor dysfunctions (such as leaking) as well as diastasis recti. Get to know your core like never before!


Learn how to breathe correctly 

Learning how to breathe diaphragmatically sets the stage for building + maintaining a strong, optimally functioning pelvic floor and core, and is the first step toward both preventing and healing from dysfunction + imbalances. This along with learning how to correctly engage and release your pelvic floor + deep core muscles are arguably the most important tools you can have in your strong core toolbox and lay the foundation for everything else. Learn how to breathe diaphragmatically and how to correctly engage + release your pelvic floor and core in this video.


Stop sucking in!

We're all guilty of it... sucking in our stomachs so that they appear "flatter". but did you know that not only are you perfect and gorgeous just as you are, but getting stuck in the habit of holding your stomach in can affect pelvic floor + core function, ability to heal diastasis recti, breathing mechanics, and even your nervous system. In this video learn why we should break this habit, and what to do instead!


Protect your pelvic floor when you cough, sneeze & laugh

Ever felt that dreaded dribble (or gush) of pee when you suddenly sneeze, have a coughing fit or literally laugh so hard you pee your pants?! You're not alone. In this video you'll learn why this happens as well as applicable tips for how to stop leaks when a sneezing, coughing, or laughing attack comes on and steps to healing your core for good!


Get to know your pelvic floor

Knowledge is power. The more you understand the anatomy, functions, and overall role of your pelvic floor the more empowered you'll feel and the more tools you'll have to strengthen your core from the inside out. This educational video with our pelvic floor physical therapist, Alicia Roberts will teach you just that!


Apply it all to movement!

Our muscles are designed to coordinate with one another in order for our bodies to move + function at their best (or at all.) The pelvic floor is no different! Only doing isolated pelvic floor work isn't enough. The pelvic floor + core needs to be able to coordinate with other muscles in order to be able to respond to a variety of movements. Give this circuit a try and apply all that you have learned so far to bigger movements!


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