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For many of years we have been working hands on with thousands of women and moms, and know there is nothing quite like the energy of being in an in-person class with other like minded people. No matter your fitness level or what stage of life you're in, LUNA's classes and skilled instructors are here to meet your individualized needs & goals. What sets LUNA's classes apart from other fitness methods is the expertise behind them. We are a team of pre/postnatal exercise specialists, pelvic floor + core rehabilitation specialists, female athlete coaches & women's health experts with with decades of combined experience, training, and specialized education.


Our signature LUNA Mother classes are expertly curated for anyone who is currently pregnant, is 6 weeks - 6+ years postpartum, navigating diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor considerations (regardless of how hold your kids are), or anyone looking to become stronger as a mother.

Our LUNA Fit classes are designed specifically with the unique needs of the female body in mind and provide a fun, challenging, and innovative fitness experience that will change the way you workout! (Please note this is not a pre/postnatal class)

Your path to becoming stronger starts here.



We're not just another "fitness class." At LUNA you will learn our foundational core & pelvic floor techniques that will not only change your relationship with your body, but also the way you move for life -whether you're running errands, playing with your kids, going for a run, or sweating through an intense workout. 

LUNA Mother Co

Train with someone who understands your unique needs first hand, and has the right experience to support you. 

Not all fitness classes and trainers are created equally. If you are pregnant, postpartum, navigating diastasis recti or pelvic floor considerations such as incontinence, pain, or prolapse, (regardless of how old your children are), are trying to conceive through assisted reproduction, or are experiencing menopausal changes, choosing a trainer who has the right education, skillset and experience to train you safely, effectively, and who will empower you with the education and tools needed to change the way you move for life is essential. Our coaches are not only certified personal trainers, but are also certified in pre/postnatal corrective exercise, pelvic floor & core rehabilitation, female athlete coaching, and have undergone extensive training and education in women's health.


Monthly Membership

unlimited - $225/mo

Come to class as often as you'd like! Our best deal if you come to 3 or more classes/week.

*Billed monthly - 3 month commitment required. May be paused for maternity leave

Midi Membership

8 classes/mo - $157/mo

Come to class twice per week and choose whatever two days you want. Make your own schedule!

*Billed monthly - 3 month commitment required. May be paused for maternity leave

Mini Membership

4 classes/mo - $99/mo

Perfect for those who can only commit to one class per week, or for LUNAfit members.

*Billed monthly - 3 month commitment required. May be paused for maternity leave

New Client Intro


30 days of unlimited classes!

*limited to new clients only

Does not auto-renew. May only purchase intro month once.

5 Class Pass


Can be used toward any 5 classes

*one time payment

Class passes are non-refundable. Must book class in advance to reserve your space.

10 Class Pass


Can be used toward any 10 classes

*one time payment

Class passes are non-refundable. Must book class in advance to reserve your space.



We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to fitness which is why our classes always provide modifications and progressions to meet you wherever you are, regardless of what phase of life you're currently in.

LUNA Mother Classes:

  • all trimesters of pregnancy

  • people approx. 6 weeks to 10+ years postpartum (anyone prior to 5 weeks postpartum will not be admitted into class for your own safety)

  • anyone who is navigating diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor considerations (prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain)

  • anyone wanting to become stronger as a mother and learn how to move better for life

*Babies always welcome in class

LUNA Fit Classes:

  • all women (with the exception of pregnant + postpartum - see above!)

  • moms with school aged kids (K-12th)

  • moms of grown kids

  • anyone approaching and/or experiencing perimenopause

  • post-menopausal people

  • anyone wanting to get stronger, healthier, and improve core strength and function


We highly recommend signing up for class in advance since classes do get full and space is limited. If you do not pre-register a space in class is not always guaranteed.


YES! We looove babies and they are always welcome in our LUNA Mother classes! Please note that bringing your child to class with you is at your own risk and LUNA is not responsible for any injuries, or exposure to illnesses while in class. Please have activities and a blanket, carseat, or portable playpen for your child with you along with anything else they may need.

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