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While equipment is always optional, we do recommend having some things on hand that we commonly use in our prenatal & postnatal fitness programs and workouts for motherhood in order to maximize your experience and results. Here is our recommended list of equipment as well as where you can purchase it:

If you only plan to purchase a few things, our most commonly used items are:

-3 lb and/or 5 lb dumbbells

-Mini resistance band loop

  • Set of 3, 5, & 8 lb dumbbells

Purchase a set of 3 lbs HERE

Purchase a set of 5 lbs HERE

OR purchase all three sets with a storage rack HERE (best value)

  • Mini Resistance Band Set - We recommend getting a set with a light, medium, and heavier option. You can purchase the set HERE

  • Heavier weight or kettlebell - Some of our classes such as Mama Strong, PHIIT, and some of our advanced strength classes use heavier weights. We recommend 15lbs, but choose a weight you are comfortable with. You can purchase HERE

  • Yoga block - we like THIS ONE but any will do!

  • Sliding disc - If you do not want to purchase a sliding disc, you can always use a sock on the sliding foot if you are on hardwood (other foot is bare), or a paper plate, magazine, or thin book on carpet. If you do want to purchase a disc, the two sided ones are great and work on hard wood and carpet! You can purchase them HERE

We know that with the current COVID crisis it can be hard to get workout equipment online at the moment, so we have provided you with a link to a video on our Instagram page with some household alternatives! 

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