What LUNA offers

At LUNA we integrate our evidence based, proven effective fitness methodology with pelvic floor physical therapy, corrective and preventative exercise, and education in order to prepare you for the physical and mental demands of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. We know firsthand that being pregnant and postpartum does not mean you are broken and therefor need to only engage in gentle, overly-modified movement. In fact, evidence shows that women who exercise vigorously during pregnancy often experience a lower risk of pregnancy related injuries, faster labors, shorter pushing stages, and quicker postpartum healing times. Our fitness classes & workouts are strategically designed by experts to be safe & effective while still offering a challenge.


Your core is the center of all movement, which is why we place a strong focus on breathing and proper pelvic floor & core mechanics throughout every movement and exercise within our strength, barre, fusion, HIIT and cardio flow classes. In addition to workouts, you will find pelvic floor & core physical therapy for pregnancy and post-birth, diastasis recti rehabilitation, as well as exercise + daily movement modifications for common pregnancy & postpartum related issues such as pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and diastasis recti.


At LUNA Mother Co we believe that being fit goes beyond exercise alone. Which is why we don't just stop at fitness! As mothers on a mission for mothers, LUNA's collective of experts is here to provide you with ongoing education, resources, and support through every stage of your motherhood journey. From nutritional guidance, to childbirth education, breastfeeding courses, sleep training, maternal mental health, and more - LUNA has you covered. 

So much more than just fitness!

An abundance of pre & postnatal workouts with more added every month.

Evidence-based fitness

Physical Therapy for pregnancy & postpartum. Pelvic floor & diastasis recti rehabilitation programs.

Fundamentals library with hours of educational content with LUNA's experts.

Available anytime, anywhere with our mobile app & online platform.

Join our community of thousands of mamas from around the world!

Parenting courses, resources, & educational content with our experts.

Nutritional guides for every stage. 

Who is the LUNA Mother?

The LUNA Mother is any woman who is thinking about getting pregnant, is expecting, or has children -  (how old your children are doesn't matter! Its never too late... or too early to begin rehabilitating and strengthening your pelvic floor and core!) Our fitness methodology, parenting courses, & wellness resources are beneficial for ALL mothers, therefore the LUNA Mother does not need to be pregnant or have physically birthed a child herself to benefit from our offerings and all-inclusive community. If you identify as a mother, you are a LUNA Mother!

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