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Allison Nunez, CBS

Certified Lactation Specialist

Allison is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist with over 90 hours of Lactation Specific education. As a mother of two breastfed babies, she is a strong believer in pre and postnatal support for ALL lactating families. Allison is no stranger to the difficulties that can be encountered during nursing. Fortunately, she was able to breastfeed both children for over a year, thanks to the support she received from lactation specialists. It was through her own experiences that she decided to take a leap of faith, leaving her long time career to become a lactation specialist and follow her passion in supporting families.

Helping mamas and families reach their goals with knowledge and confidence is key. Allison's goal is to help you reach YOUR goal - whether that is to breastfeed, chestfeed, bottlefeed or pump. She is here to help guide you through over-supply issues, under-supply issues, pumping, back to work and more!

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