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Bay Area Birth Midwives

Licensed Midwives | Doulas

The midwives of Bay Area Birth want the birth of your child to be a life-changing, empowering, and beautiful experience for the entire family. As your midwives their services are focused on individualized and compassionate care. A relationship with clients is built over the course of prenatal care based on mutual trust and ensuring you feel informed and in charge.

"Our role as your midwives is to encourage you in your own ways of moving through pregnancy, birth and mothering. Together with our clients we carefully monitor the progress of pregnancy and labor, and recommend appropriate management should complications arise. The key elements of this education, monitoring and decision making are Evidence Based Practice and Informed Consent.

Evidence-Based Practice refers to a thoughtful integration of the best and most recent evidence combined with clinical expertise. As such it enables Midwives and their clients to address health care questions with an evaluative and qualitative approach. Evidence based decisions flow from a process that includes assessment of current and past research, clinical guidelines and other information resources in order to determine the best course of care. Typically, Informed Consent refers to the rights of health care consumers to be informed with the best possible evidence. This includes risks and benefits about testing or treatment options so that they can then make a shared decision with their provider among those options."


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