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Dr. Ayo Adegbols, DPT, PRPC, CSCS

Physical Therapist

Dr. Ayo is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist specializing in bowel, bladder, and sexual disfunction. Dr. Ayo's goal is to encourage movement joyfully and to educate women and men on pelvic wellness while keeping in mind how unique or vulnerable every body can be. Dr. Ayo's practice is heavily based on manual therapy, and she is proficient in visceral manipulation techniques with training through The Barral Institute.

Dr. Ayo is a member of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership (GPHAM) as well as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) with a certification in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS).
She is a certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC) through the Herman & Wallace Institute.

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