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Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, DNP, CNM

Certified Nurse Midwife

Stephanie Mitchell is a doctoral prepared certified nurse midwife, author, blogger, wife, and mother of four. Her comprehensive background in adolescent, and full-scope women’s health are the focus of her practice. Her doctoral research and capstone, addressed low-intervention labor and birth in the hospital setting. She is credited with the development of the innovative ‘Intermittent Auscultation Checklist’ which assists labor and delivery providers in identification of appropriate candidates for low intervention labor and birth as the standard of care. She is also crediting for the development and institution of a birth preferences tool as a method of patient engagement in which, physiologic preferences are brought back into labor and birth spaces which have slowly medicalized over the last 50 years, bringing along with it, abysmal outcomes.

After relocating from Boston Massachusetts to Gainesville Alabama in 2020, she is in the development and planning process for Birth Sanctuary Gainesville, a free-standing birth center serving the rural birthing community of West Alabama. In her leisure time you can find Dr. Mitchell using her social media platform moniker, Doctor Midwife, to educate, humor and enlighten her audience about the experiences of existing in a Medical Industrial Complex.

Stephanie spends her free and available time attempting to keep her home clean, her children fed, while remaining full of hope that they have some semblance of hygiene as they grow to be happy, well-adjusted, childhood-trauma-free adults, who can pay their own bills.


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