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Erika Davis


Erika is a Tacoma based doula with a focus on labor and postpartum, childbirth educator, and yoga instructor. Erika believes that labor, birth, and the postpartum period are holy, sacred times that should be honored and parent-centered. She provides you with honest, evidence-based information that allows you to make the best decisions for your labor, your birth, and your postpartum experience. Erika offers the families she works with an unbiased and listening ear while holding space for their biggest fears and deepest anxieties and worries.

Whole Body Pregnancy is a pause. It’s a reflection. It’s an intention. It asks you to consider the things you know about yourself and what you’ve been told about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It challenges you to reflect on the magnificent and powerful holiness our pregnant bodies manifest. It asks you to be intentional about how you proceed on this path. More connection to our ancestral roots and teaching. More discussion about our fears and anxieties and worries and how that plays into how we give birth and parent. More centering of Black and marginalized populations. More uplifting of people and joy. More celebration of life and experience. More trauma-informed care. More radical self love.

"I wanted to be able to give families spaciousness to explore themselves fully as they look towards the epic journey of becoming parents. I want to honor our individual paths. I want to honor the process. I want to honor our humanity. I want to normalize the hard stuff. I want to help people find their voice and I want people to stand in their power."

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