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Jennifer Curtis, CD, CIIM

Doula | Infant Massage Educator

Jennifer's path into family and birth work began at the tender age of 4, when she met “her first infant.”
Jennifer was enraptured by the realization of our capacity to create, bring forth and nurture new life, and determined, right then and there, to somehow always be a part of this level of life unfolding. The pursuit of doula work has brought her to the fullest realization of this lifelong impulse.

To her work Jennifer also brings a formal education in developmental psychology and early childhood education, including a Montessori teaching credential and deep study of Magda Gerber’s RIE® Educaring® Approach. She feels richly blessed to draw upon more than two decades working with parents and their children, from the family room couch to the classroom floor, to the executive director’s desk. Jennifer also trains and supports the development of educators and advocates serving families across the human needs spectrum, and has created successful, replicable, holistic early childhood programs and original curricula in multiple settings.


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