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Jeremy Bowen

Full Spectrum Doula

"Wherever you are in your reproductive journey: having to terminate a pregnancy, trying to conceive, preparing for labor, or adjusting to life postpartum, you are going through a unique and impactful time. My job is to help your experience be empowering and validating by supporting you in advocating for your wishes and needs. A Transition is so personal, whether it is social or medical, and can be complicated and overwhelming while also being magical and joyous. Having support from another Trans person as you are figuring out who you are and how you want to be seen by others can be encouraging and grounding. I hope to be a source of support and advice for others going through their Transitions.

My focus is on you as the client. I will be there for whatever you need, whether that is a listening ear, a comforting presence, a moment of humor, or a reminder of your goals. You can reach out to me and ask for what you need and I will be there to support you physically, emotionally, or in advocating for yourself and your wants and needs."

All of Jeremy's work is on a sliding scale to make sure services are available regardless of the ability of the client to pay.

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