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Pelvic Sanity Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists

At PelvicSanity, our entire team is dedicated specifically to helping patients with pelvic health issues. Our staff have won awards, published books, taught other physical therapists, conducted important research in the field, and - most importantly - helped thousands of patients meet their goals.

The physical therapists meet weekly, going over patient charts and collaborating to provide the highest-quality patient treatment. More than 70% of our patients have been to other practitioners before finding success with us.

Above all else, we believe in putting the needs of our patients first. At PelvicSanity, that means full length, 55-minute or 2-hr treatment sessions that are always one-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy. Every person is different, so we do not follow a script, or simply teach Kegels; instead we tailor treatment to each individual. We provide a positive, stress-free environment where you can truly find pelvic sanity.


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