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If you are wanting a more personalized approach to training whether you are trying to conceive, undergoing assisted reproductive treatments, are currently pregnant, postpartum, have specific pelvic floor and/or core considerations, or just do better with the accountability of a coach than on your own, you can work directly with one of our LUNA coaches from the comfort of your home.

Your path to becoming stronger as a mother starts here.


When you choose to work with LUNA's coaches 1:1, you will have a dedicated coach that will be there for you every step of the way. You'll take a deep dive into the fundamentals that LUNA Mother Co is built upon, which will change not only your relationship with your body, but also the way you move for life. Your LUNA coach will create a plan that is strategically curated for your specific needs and goals, no matter what stage of life or motherhood you're currently in. 

prenatal fitness

Train with someone who understands your unique needs first hand, and has the right experience to support you. 

childbirth education


Going through IVF is stressful enough as it is. Trying to navigate the best ways to take care of your body and mind during this time as you prepare for your cycle and ultimately for pregnancy is the last thing you need! We will create a movement and meditation program tailored to your specific needs that will coincide with your IVF cycle and beyond. Working with a LUNA coach 1:1 allows for us to change things as needed if your cycle changes at all during the process.  


Unfortunately people who are diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse are often told that they can no longer do the activities they once enjoyed, like lifting weights, running, yoga, even picking up their children! This is not only false, but it can be devastating for people to hear. It is the result of a lack of knowledge around navigating exercise and prolapse. Our experienced coaches are here to help you bridge the gap between rehab and fitness, as well as daily life movements to get you back to doing some of the things you love most. Please note we highly recommend working with a pelvic floor physical therapist if you think (or know) you have prolapse. If you need help finding one in your area, check out our practitioner directory or reach out for help.

Options & Pricing for Private Training

Everyone must begin with our 90 minute Initial Assessment & Fundamentals Course. You can choose to just do this session and take a deeper dive into LUNA's fundamentals, or you can continue on with our 1:1 training sessions for an even more customized experience.

Initial Assessment & Fundamentals Course (90 mins) - $225

1:1 Coaching Sessions (50 minutes) $155

6 Session Package - $875

10 Session Package - $1375

*Please note that the initial assessment is not included in package pricing.

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