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  • Sarah Bradford

An ongoing list of educational resources for both parents & kids on race & anti-racism.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

There is absolutely NO place for hatred or bigotry in our LUNA family or in our world. It is our duty to do the work to dismantle racism, and raise antiracist children. Doing the work that will lead to real change goes beyond a social post, a donation, or simply reading a book. While all of these things are IMPORTANT, the real work starts within. That means doing the deeply uncomfortable work of searching within ourselves and examining our own biases, thoughts, beliefs, and ways in which we have been complacent, then actively working to change those beliefs, actions, and inactions. It starts within our own circles, speaking up and speaking out, taking a stand against racism, calling others out on acts of racism and microagressions, checking our own, & teaching our children by educating them, exposing them to the experiences of others, and leading by example. Below is an ongoing list of some incredible resources to check out for yourself, your children, and ways to get involved.

LUNA stands in solidarity with the Black community. We are listening, learning, and speaking out. We are donating to a different Black maternal health organization every month. (You can view which ones below and donate too!) BLACK LIVES MATTER.