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Amanda Sullivan-Antonetti, L.Ac


Over the years Amanda has partnered with many patients to help them achieve wellness. She loves the work and is grateful for her patients and everything they teach her. She has worked in Santa Monica as well as practiced in San Jose and Oakland. In the east bay she had the opportunity to mentor in a very busy Women’s health and fertility focused acupuncture clinic where she became well versed in the many different needs and types of women’s health as well as fertility treatments. She has also studied with renowned professor Dr Richard Tan and a majority of her practice is based on his acclaimed “Balance Method”. She has been amazed by the results many of her patients receive physically and the balance they begin to feel in all areas of their life.

In her exploration of different healing modalities she has come to appreciate the uniqueness of acupuncture. As well as being able to recommend, herbs, and supplements and dietary changes, the acupuncture is there too energetically support the patient in their process of transformation.


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