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Chalita Photikoe, L.Ac


Chalita grew up in a Buddhist household where as a young child she was forced to meditate almost nightly. Although it felt like a chore and a bit of an embarrassment (she just wanted to be “normal” like the other kids) it served her well and ultimately led her to become an acupuncturist.

Chalita has been practicing for over 16 years and has the passion, experience and commitment to help people like you live a more balanced and healthy life.

She successfully treats a wide variety of conditions including pain, fertility, stress related syndromes, mood disorders, and immune system deficiencies. The only thing she requires of you is a genuine interest in participating in your health and well-being.

“My intention is to awaken the part of you that knows how to get well and stay well. I will help you relieve pain and discomfort, increase your energy, reduce stress and create a foundation for your continued health and happiness. I love what I do and my heart is full of gratitude each day I set foot in the clinic.”


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