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At LUNA Mother Collective, We Are Mothers On a Mission for Mothers

Updated: May 28, 2020

Our mission with LUNA Mother Collective has always been to provide women and mothers with the well-being & care they deserve through evidence-based fitness, education, and community. Three years ago we set out to deliver these resources to the women in our local community of Marin, California, and since then we have witnessed the incredible impact of LUNA’s pregnancy workout program, postpartum workouts, and additional wellness & parenting resources. It has been thrilling and inspiring, to say the least!

Over time it became abundantly clear that this was something we should make accessible to women all over the globe, so we decided to come together with other like-minded experts working in different facets of maternal wellness to develop an online program that could serve the needs of women through all stages of motherhood. With that, we also decided our brand should reflect the entirety of what LUNA truly is: a collective of mothers on a mission for mothers.

LUNA Mother Collective is the first all-in-one resource for motherhood, where members can access a comprehensive library of evidence-based fitness classes, wellness courses, and parenting resources. From pregnancy workouts to postpartum fitness, pelvic floor physical therapy to tools to heal diastasis recti, childbirth education to breastfeeding and nutrition, and so much more--it’s all available for you to do anywhere and anytime, at home and on your schedule through our app

Workouts & Physical Therapy for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

One of the things we hear time and again about our program is that women are surprised by how challenging and effective the workouts are! And we want to ask, why are you surprised?! The notion that exercise for pregnancy and motherhood is going to be overly modified and too easy is one myth we would like to dispel immediately.

Being pregnant and postpartum does not mean you are broken. In fact, evidence shows that women who exercise vigorously during pregnancy often experience a lower risk of pregnancy related injuries, faster labors, shorter pushing stages, and quicker postpartum healing times. That being said, our fitness classes & workouts are strategically designed by experts to be safe & effective while still offering a challenge. Our workout styles include:

-Strength: Using heavier weights as well as resistance, these full-body strength training circuits use functional movements, proper breath, core, and pelvic floor recruitment, and alignment.

-Barre: Our strategic approach to barre fitness combines elements of Pilates, strength training, cardio, and yoga.

-Fusion: A high intensity, low impact total-body workout that combines larger compound exercises with intervals of smaller, isometric movements.

-HIIT: LUNA’s exclusive approach to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is pre & postnatal safe, and that’s why we call it PHIIT! MotherUP is our advanced HIIT class designed to take you to new heights!

-Cardio Flow: This fun and challenging workout will get your heart rate up and muscles burning using a combination of light hand weights and bodyweight movements flowing continuously from one move to the next.

-Yoga: Build heat and strength while also increasing flexibility and mobility and focusing on proper core & pelvic floor mechanics.

-Guided Meditations: Journey with us through these guided meditations designed to calm your body and quiet your mind.

Our workouts are 30 minutes or less, which can allow you to squeeze in some movement during baby’s naptime or at any point in the day. Most routines require a few pieces of simple fitness equipment such as hand weights and a loop band, which can be substituted with household items in a pinch.

LUNA’s fitness methodology is integrated with pelvic floor physical therapy, corrective and preventative exercise, and education to prepare you for the physical and mental demands of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. For example, LUNA Mother Collective workouts include “movements for motherhood” and place a strong focus on breathing and proper pelvic floor & core mechanics, because the core is the center of all movement in the body and especially important for balance and injury prevention.

In addition to workouts, the LUNA app also offers in-depth videos on pelvic floor & core physical therapy for pregnancy and post-birth, diastasis recti rehabilitation, as well as therapeutic exercises and daily movement modifications for common pregnancy & postpartum issues such as pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and diastasis recti.

Virtual Childbirth Classes, Online Postpartum Care & Resources for Motherhood

As mothers on a mission for mothers, LUNA's collective of experts is here to provide you with ongoing education, resources, and support through every stage of your motherhood journey. These online classes for pregnancy and postpartum include:

-Childbirth Education: Join LUNA’s labor and delivery nurse for this five-part childbirth education series covering the anatomy and physiology of birth, stages of birth, advocacy, birth plans, routine interventions, coping techniques, birth support, and more.

-Preparing for Postpartum: In this four-part series, our nurse midwife walks you through the physical changes that occur in the body postpartum, supplies to have on hand for a smoother recovery, caring for your stitches or c-section site, and other ways to promote healing.

-Breastfeeding 101: This introductory course covers all the basics of breastfeeding, from different nursing positions, to proper latch, establishing milk supply, and navigating common issues that can arise.

-Guide to Healthy Infant Sleep: LUNA’s sleep expert shares this comprehensive guide that includes age appropriate wake times, soothing techniques, sleepy cues, how to deal with sleep regressions, and more.

-Nutritional Guides: Our comprehensive guides to prenatal nutrition, nutrition for breastfeeding, and starting solids for baby highlight essential nutrients for every stage of pregnancy, postpartum, and infant development.

We’re living in an unprecedented time for pregnant women and new parents, but we believe every woman deserves to access thorough resources for prenatal and postpartum care. If you’re unable to attend in-person classes to prepare for childbirth, breastfeeding, or newborn care, our online courses are the next best thing. Every class is based on scientific evidence and taught by experts with years of experience in their fields.

What Moms Are Saying About LUNA Mother Collective

“I love this app! These workouts are perfect for staying fit and strong while pregnant in preparation for birth or for healing and reconnecting to your body after having your baby. I have used them for both and have benefited so tremendously. Best part is I can do them when convenient [to] fit my schedule! Highly recommend watching and listening to all the educational videos about breathing and pelvic floor understanding before starting the workout videos. They go a long way!”

“I would highly recommend this app to any pregnant or postpartum mother (even if it’s been years!). The instructors are informative, encouraging, and highly engaging. I look forward to doing these workouts every day. They are quick, effective, and fun! The educational programs are just what every mama needs, with clear instruction and a hands on approach. I am lucky enough to live near their studio and always loved their live classes, but now due to my work and kids schedule I’m not able to attend in person. This app is the next best thing!”

“I love, love, love this app.

With my first pregnancy I was a die-hard yoga goer. It was good for me at the time but didn’t provide me with the ‘sweat’ of a workout that I desired but was afraid of doing.

For postpartum recovery I was lucky to find LUNA. I participated in the program for a year, and when I got pregnant again I continued with it. I was excited to have something that gave me that challenge and burn but was also SAFE for my pregnancy. I felt strong, capable, and energized throughout my second pregnancy (which I didn’t feel with my first).

Trying to fit in a workout between work, life, and my toddler’s schedule has been a nightmare and the app has been a god-send allowing me to squeeze in a set where I could find some time. There are tons of options based on where you are on your motherhood journey, along with great informational segments from other professionals that focus on mommy health.

I can go on and on about this beautifully designed app and its content but you should just check it out yourself and discover the value and enrichment that it can provide in your life.”

Start a Free Trial of LUNA Mother Collective Today!

This is just a snapshot of what women have experienced with LUNA Mother Collective--but don’t just take their word for it, find out for yourself and get 7 days FREE when you sign up today! Click here to start your free trial and begin streaming on the web or through our apps on Apple and Android. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram @lunamotherco stay up to date on everything happening in our community.


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