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Introducing the Motherlode Podcast! Personal Stories & Expert Advice for Motherhood

When we set out to create LUNA Mother Co, it was with the intention to make resources such as smart, evidence based fitness, pelvic floor & core health, education, and parenting classes more widely accessible to people across the globe. Our mission has always been, and will always be to provide womxn and mothers with the support we all deserve. Yet there is still so much more to be said, and so many fantastic voices to elevate.

As a way to further educate, empower, and inspire womxn along their motherhood journeys, we recently launched The MOTHERLODE Podcast (a project we have been planning for a while now and are so excited about!) The MOTHERLODE is a place where we dive deeper into various aspects of fitness, wellness, & pelvic health, open up about our own unfiltered experiences a moms, and chat with some of the world’s leading experts on women’s health + parenting, some celeb friends, and fellow mamas (like you). The MOTHERLODE Podcast is now available on Apple podcasts and Spotify, and also available in video format on the LUNA Mother Collective app.

Some upcoming episodes include:

  • Getting Back to Exercise Postpartum with LUNA’s founders Sarah and Stephanie

  • Postpartum Depression & Body Image with Kimberly Caldwell, host of NBC's California Live

  • Sex and Relationships After Having a Baby with Dr. Uchenna "UC" Ossai; sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist and sexuality educator + counselor.

  • The Mental Challenges of Pregnancy & New Motherhood with Cassie Shortsleeve, Journalist & Founder of Dear Sunday

  • Navigating Pelvic Organ Prolapse Postpartum & Getting Back To Athleticism with Kimberley Johnson

In our first episode we share advice on postpartum exercise including eye-opening insights about the healing process our bodies go through in those early weeks postpartum. For example, did you know that the wound left on your uterus from the placenta is about the size of a dinner plate? The bleeding you experience in the weeks after childbirth is from this wound, and it’s only safe to return to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine once the bleeding has stopped entirely (spotting included!). 

That being said, there are certain gentle exercises you can do within days of giving birth to help speed healing and recovery, and rebuild your body’s strength to prepare for more vigorous forms of exercise. Sign up for LUNA Mother Collective app to hear all the details in this episode and access in-depth tutorials of early weeks exercises.

In our second episode, we talk with TV personality, mother of two, and former American Idol finalist Kim Caldwell, who talks about her pregnancy and postpartum experiences, including her struggles with postpartum depression and returning to a positive relationship with her body after having her babies. Tune in to episode two HERE and leave a review to let us know what you think!

In episode three we share our birth stories and open up about our experiences with navigating through and ultimately healing from birth trauma, something that is more common than we often realize and can manifest mentally, physically, and emotionally. Tune in now to hear more!

And in our latest episode with Dr. Uchenna Ossai, we dive deep into topics such as how to talk to your children about cultivating a positive relationship with sexuality, reigniting sexual attraction to your partner and rediscovering your body after babies, ways to increase a seemingly absent libido, feeling sexy again in your post-baby body, and making painful sex pleasurable again. Nothing is off the table in this episode and we promise it's one you won't want to miss! Tune in to episode 4 HERE!

At LUNA Mother Collective, we are all about meeting your needs in pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood through tailored workouts, and in-depth classes and tutorials led by experts in women’s health. With that in mind, we want to know more about what YOU would like to learn about through our podcast. Are there experts you want us to interview? Specific questions you need answered? Please drop us a message on Instagram or email us at to let us know!


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